Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tolerance Awareness Tuesday, World War II

70 years ago today, Nazi Germany invaded Poland, thus starting World War II. Wikepedia indicates that anywhere from 50 to over 70 million people worldwide died as the result of this conflict.

Included in the casualties is some six million jews and others in Nazi concentration camps. I have written earlier of Eli Wiesel's book, Night, which describes the horrors he and his family endured in the Holocaust and the impact that had on me.
The cartoon by Wiley has been circulating the internet since probably 2002. It helps us remember what happened, and not just to the millions who perished, but those who survived and retain the memories...

Today is a good day, as men and as Masons, to reflect on the horrors that can be wrought if good men remain silent in the face of tyranny.

Let us, today, once more pledge, "Never again!"