Thursday, September 10, 2009

Picnic Table Lodge

Patty and I were the guests of Excelsior Lodge No. 113 last night for their picnic table lodge. The threat of inclement weather moved the party to the lodge hall from S.W. Ron McConnell's back yard, but the brothers did a great job of brining the outdoor picnic spirit indooors - and without the ants!

DR Dean Dorholt was also present to enjoy the festive board.

No awards. No long speeches (except that I may have pushed the boundaries on that one!). Just a fun evening of good food and better fellowship.

WM Steve Maslonka decreed that anyone who failed to use the ancient terms for common instruments (e.g., "cannon" for glass; "tile" for plate, etc.) would be fined one dime. Good thing the Master brought a bag full of dimes, as I believe he contributed more than anyone last night! But, it was always a joyful fine - all proceeds go to Excelsior's "Bikes for Books" program.

And if you go to Exclesior Apple Days Saturday, be sure to stop by the lodge for apple pancakes in the morning, and brats a little later in the day.

Thanks, Excelsior Lodge! Patty and I had a great time!