Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Arcana Lodge Fundraiser and Awards Night

Last night I visited the beautiful Arcana Lodge in Northeast Minneapolis. The design and craftwork displayed in the lodge room is unique among lodges I have had the privilege of visiting. You should visit, if you can, especially if you can witness the Third Degree there.

And there will be a Third Degree coming up! Last night, two petitions were favorably acted-upon and the Entered Apprentice Degree will be competing with Monday Night Football next week!

The occasion of my visit was Arcana's annual prime rib dinner fundraiser. Though there were 20 or fewer brothers present last night, over $1150 was raised for the Masonic Cancer Center Fund. Over the years, Aracana has raised and contributed over $20,000 as the result of this dinner, with a contribution to the victims of 9/11/01 being the only year that the Cancer Center Fund was not the beneficiary of this lodge's generosity.

Present to receive their 50-year certificates were Past Grand Master Donald Severson and Brother Harry Sarich. Brother Harry recalled coaching candidates in his basement, with as many as nine new brothers learning the work at one time! PGM Don reflected on meeting two Grand Masters early in his tenure as Master of Arcana Lodge, and never dreaming he would one day have the honor of acting in that office.

The photos show the Brothers of Arcana with their Area Deputy and District Representative, and then of me with the 50-year Masons: From the left, District Representative Don Nolley, Area Deputy Lee Dorholt, me, Worshipful Master Mark Moriarty, PGM Don Severson and Brother Harry Sarich.