Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Plymouth Lodge Awards Night

I had the pleasure of attending the Plymouth Lodge Awards Night last night. Four brothers were present to receive longevity awards, including one 50- and one 60-year award.

The Hiram Award was presented to Past Master Gene Stauffacher.

Assisting in the presentations were District Representative Dean Dorholt and Area Deputy Lee Dorholt. The dinner was great and the presentations, again, very moving.

Hiram awardee, WB Gene, commented that he had been working the night shift, and therefore unable to attend lodge for several years. When he switched to days, one of the brothers of the lodge approached him and asked if he'd consider becoming active in the lodge again. This simple comment sparked a commitment to the Craft, and to Plymouth Lodge No. 160, that resulted in the Hiram Award presentation.

We never know when some offhand comment will be the spark to the Brother (or co-worker, or child, or friend) that will launch him or her on a path to significant accomplishments. Or, conversely, will cut him to the quick and damage a potential relationship.

So, we Masons must take care to choose our words carefully. We can, without even realize it, be the source for great inspiration!