Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Aurora Lodge No. 100 Awards

Junior Grand Steward Bob Darling and I trekked up to Brainerd for dinner and a stated communication last night.

The lodge received me, JGS Bob, Grand Marshal Steve Johnson (also secretary of Aurora Lodge) and District Representative James Blakesley with full honors in an impressive ceremony. Thank you!

The first photo shows DR James presenting the awards to 35-year Mason Charles Burford, 60-year Mason Edmond Hopps, and 50-year Mason, Jean Lingren. The second shows Grand Marshall Steve, Worshipful Master Jerry Brodmarkle, Brother Hopps and me.

Four Fellowcraft Masons were in attendance, who will be raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason tomorrow (Thursday) night. At least three more candidates are primed to become Entered Apprentice Masons shortly thereafter. (One of those candidates was at dinner - which he has attended at least a couple of times.)

Add to that activity the announcement last night that six brothers will be taking the DeMolay Dad training and a new DeMolay chapter will be started in Brainerd lets me know that Masonry is more than alive in Brainerd - it is on the march!

Congratulations to the brothers who were recognized last night, to the new Masons, and to Aurora Lodge No. 100 for great work!