Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good Question

You may have heard that Dan Brown has a new book out. The book, set in Washington D.C. has been anticipated by members of Masonry, as his previous books alluded to our Gentle Craft and this one apparently has Masonry as a core plot device. (I bought the book yesterday, but haven't cracked it open yet.)

The Grand Lodge office got a call from Jason DeRusha, reporter for WCCO television, Channel 4 in the Minneapolis-St Paul area. Mr. DeRusha is the reporter for a segment on the 10 pm news called "Good Question". Last night, the question was: Who are the Freemasons?

I met with Mr. DeRusha and his cameraman, Joseph Berglove, outside the Hennepin Center for the Arts, 6th and Hennepin in downtown Minneapolis. The Center was built as a Masonic Temple, and has some great, intricate artwork in its facade.

I thought the interview went well. You can judge for yourself by going to the Good Question link.

I was a little disappointed, though. I thought Mr. Berglove would make me look like Mel Gibson on camera. Patty said I must have been thinking Mel Brooks .....

I need to lose 15 pounds!