Monday, May 18, 2009

To Learn

Questioning is the door of knowledge. Irish proverb

Every entered apprentice is familiar with the words “to learn” as a part of the answer to the question of what you come here to do. A couple of years ago, I ran into the current Grand Master of Iowa, Jack Butler, who was very passionate that there ought to be a comma after “to learn” – it’s not “to learn to subdue my passions” but rather two separate goals to achieve.

35 years ago tomorrow, I graduated from law school. Thus, after 19 consecutive years, ended my formal education. But only a foolish man stops learning after he graduates from school.

Masonry teaches the never-ending quest for Masonic Light. The rituals of the first three degrees have lessons that constantly give new insights to the brother that will open his mind to them. Add to them the degrees of the Scottish and York Rite rituals, and not even an Albert Pike can answer all the questions, or learn all the lessons, the rituals seek to impart.

Today, recall the day your formal education ended, whether it was 8th grade, high school, college or beyond. Then, consider how much more you have learned since that day. Finally, commit to expanding your education this year by reading a book, seeing a play, watching a program on public television, or seeing the Masonic ritual once again, with new, questioning eyes.