Friday, May 29, 2009

Peace Pipe

Last night Patty and I attended a hog roast and then I sat in for the Prudence Lodge outdoor communication north of Windom. Another beautiful setting for an outdoor lodge, next to a babbling brook. The weather was terrific. The food and the company without equal. A wonderful event.

Also in attendance was Grand Master Virgil Anderson from the Grand Lodge of South Dakota and Minnesota Past Grand Masters Verne Long and J.V. Christianson.

The absolute high point of the evening was the surprise presentation to me and Grand Master Anderson of a Calumet Peace Pipe, quarried from the Pipestone National Monument and hand crafted by a Native American artist known as Whirl Wind. The pipes were the gifts of Prudence Lodge No. 97 and Quarry Lodge No. 148, and were presented by PGM Verne Long.

The certificate accompanying the pipes tell the legend of the peace pipe, which were made by Gitchi Manito from the red rock near Pipestone. Gitchi Manito announced that the grounds were sacred, and must never be the site of violence: "... that no one should ever enter these hallowed grounds harboring any evil intention or thought of wrongdoing, and that this place and the Peace Pipe were synonymous with friendship and brotherly love. ..."

I know that a similar sentiment is true for our lodge halls - they are and ought to be places of peace, friendship and brotherly love.

The photo shows PGM Verne Long presenting the pipes to me and South Dakota Grand Master Virgil Anderson.