Saturday, May 16, 2009

Job's Daughters

Yesterday, I wrote about the Minneapolis Valley of the Scottish Rite Feasts of the Consistory and the awards program for volunteers. Several members of Job’s Daughters Bethel Number 48 assisted with the evening by acting as volunteers for the dinner and escorts for the awards program. The photo shows the Job’s Daughters volunteers with yours truly at the end of the evening.

Job’s Daughters is an organization for young women, age 10 to 20. They must have a relationship to a Mason by blood, marriage or law. My daughters were Girls Scouts - there was not a Job's Daughters Bethel within reasonable distance. This year, I have had more contact with the members of Job's Daughters than I have had previously. This is a great organization that deserves our continued and expanded support.

The Vision of Minnesota Job's Daughters is found at their website, and is worth printing here:

In our VisionMembership provides a safe haven to Job’s Daughters, where they may find acceptance and develop life long friendships.

In our VisionOpportunities enable Daughters to develop life skills in leadership, team work, patriotism, social awareness, self worth, integrity and interaction with people of all ages.

In our VisionLife experiences passed on by adults, who are a continuing asset, enrich and enlighten the Daughters and other adults.

In our VisionUnderstanding of Freemasonry, continually promoted by Master Masons, provides the Daughters and other Job’s Daughters adults with a fuller understanding and appreciation of their Masonic heritage.