Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gen Douglas MacArthur Lodge No. 352

It is not very often these days that a Grand Master has the opportunity to attend the installation of the very first officers of a new lodge. Such was my happy lot this morning, as I assisted in the installation of the inaugural officers of Gen. Douglas MacArthur Lodge No. 352 in St. Paul. I joined Past Grand Masters Thomas Jackson, Andrew Rice and Charles Luman as installing officers. The photo shows us, as well as the newly-installed officers of Lodge No. 352.

Gen. Douglas MacArthur Lodge was one of two new lodges chartered at the last annual communication, presided over by my predecessor in office, MWB Thomas C. Jackson.

The excitement at the ceremony this morning was very apparent. If enthusiasm for a new venture is any indication of its potential for success, and I believe it is, Gen. Douglas MacArthur Lodge looks to have a solid foundation and a sound future.