Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tolerance Awareness Tuesday

This is the last Tuesday of my term as Grand Master. There is only one Masonic event left on my calendar - the 157th Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Minnesota.

I intend to stop blogging on this site within a few days of the installation of John L. Cook, Jr., as Grand Master of Minnesota Masons. I am, however, trying to decide just how to continue Tolerance Awareness Tuesday, as this poor world needs tolerance more than ever before.

Masonry should be the place to find the examples of practicing tolerance. It is said that the only place where a Christian, a Jew and a Muslim can meet in peace in the Middle East is in our lodge rooms. The Masonic value of tolerance MUST be maintained and promoted. It's good for Masonry, and it's good for our homes, communities, country and world.

As Brother Glenn Kiecker would say, "Tolerance: The Crown Jewel of Masonry"!