Saturday, March 13, 2010

Corporate Board

The business of the Grand Lodge of Minnesota is conducted by the Corporate Board, which are the Grand Deacons, Wardens, Deputy Grand Master, the two immediate Past Grand Masters and the Grand Master, who acts as the Chair of the Board. The Secretary, Treasurer and Stewards are ex officio members of the board.

The Board meets in alternating months throughout the year. Saturday marked the last Corporate Board meeting prior to the Annual Communication, and thus, the last Corporate Board meeting that I will chair.

I have had the privilege of serving with phenomenal Masons on this Board. The elected and appointed officers are, and have been, top notch. Several one-year appointees have stepped up and contributed mightily to the operations of this body, including the Grand LEO, Ed Halpaus, who has given good and timely advice to the board for years; Grand Chaplain Steve Johnson and Grand Sword Bearer, Lew Price. I am glad that I will remain on the Board for two more years. Thank you, Brothers, for this privilege to serve.

I left the Board with this Irish Blessing, and I leave it for you all:

May your days be many
And your troubles be few.
May all God's Blessings
Descend on you.
May peace be within you
May your heart be strong.
May you find what you're seeking
Wherever you roam.