Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Good Day in Court

Most of you know that in my "other life", I am a District Court Judge. Most every case I handle has one party leaving quite unhappy - often both leave unhappy.

Adoptions are the happy exception to that rule. Plus, the new parents almost always bring a camera along!

These two adoptive parents were first foster parents. The little girl's natural father was terminally ill, and her mother was in prison when the parents took her in, just days after she was born. Now, a year later, she is a permanent part of their family. (I did obtain their permission to post this photo on my blog.)

We owe so much to foster parents. They provide shelter for our most vulnerable citizens. The need is always greater than the foster families available.

When I think of foster parents, I am reminded of this Irish blessing:

May God grant you many years to live,
For sure he must be knowing
The earth has angels all to few
And Heaven is overflowing.

Thank you, to these wonderful new parents, and to all the foster parents I have had the honor to know in my years as a judge and attorney.