Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St Patrick's Eve at Sibley Lodge

It was my turn to serve supper at Sibley Lodge last night, along with Brothers Don Lannoye and Kelly Pierson. I whipped up some corn beef and cabbage soup and my brothers brought pulled pork sandwiches and dessert.

As you can see from the intensity of the diners, the meal was greatly appreciated!

After the communication, the brothers organized tickets for the Sibley Lodge Spaghetti Supper, held in conjunction with Winthrop's Grackle Days, April 9.

When I next visit my home lodge, I'll be PGM (that's "Prestige Gone, Man") Tom McCarthy. The next time I see those brothers in a group, though, will be a week from Friday, when they open the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Minnesota at the St. Cloud Civic Center!