Saturday, March 20, 2010

Metro East Table Lodge

Patty and I, along with daughter Carrie, son-in-law, Brother Rick and Noah and Blake, attended the Metro East Table Lodge at the St Paul Masonic Center Friday night. This is a terrific event, meant to celebrate the completion of the Grand Master's term. Friday night, it did not disappoint.

A contingent from Sibley Lodge made the trip for the dinner: PM Ross Arneson and his wife Sheila, Grand Tyler Pete Schue, Grand Standard Bearer, Steve Saxton and WM Kevin Pioske. Thanks for coming in!

Area Deputy Ken White presided as Master of the Table Lodge, and everyone had a great time. MWB Chuck Luman gave a terrific talk on Masonry, using Abraham Lincoln as an example to emulate.

I was short one Irish joke for the evening, when Blake came through for me! What do you get when you cross a four-leaf clover and poison ivy? A rash of good luck!! Thanks, Blake!

This is the last big event on the calendar before the annual communication. It's been a terrific year. I look forward to thanking everyone, in person, at the Grand Lodge communication Friday and Saturday.