Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Templar Lodge Visit

Monday night I was the guest for dinner and stated communication at Templar Lodge in St. Louis Park. It was another terrific time with some great men and brothers.

Before dinner, Lodge Education Officer (and Past Grand Master) Jack Benson led a spirited discussion on why Masonry had such a jump in membership after the World Wars, but hasn't seemed to be able to duplicate that after Korea and Viet Nam. MWB Jack leads similar discussions before most communications. He chooses a general topic and the discussion is wide-ranging, often off topic but always enlightening.

Dinner was definitely NOT rubber chicken! Brother Chef Nicco Rocque served steak prepared to perfection, with all the fixin's!

At the communication, a brother was approved for affiliation and a candidate for degrees. I think this must be the fourth or fifth meeting in a row that I have attended that included balloting on candidates. In the summer! Things are cooking in Minnesota Masonry!

Worshipful Master Alan Betker presented me with a commemorative gavel and a coffee mug, the latter of which I will put to good use this morning! W.B. Dean Dorholt, District Representative, recognized Templar Lodge for the Lodge Recognition Program. All in all, it was a memorable evening. Thank you, brothers of Templar Lodge!