Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Different Lodge Experience

I had the pleasure of visiting St. Paul Lodge No. 3 last night. It is a unique experience in Minnesota Masonry. The opening and closing ritual is all there, and very familiar. But, I have never been to another communication that included periods of silence and lovely chamber music. I've seen lodge education programs, but at St. Paul No. 3, two of the brothers presented thought-provoking papers.

After the ritual closing, we adjourned to the basement where a wonderful festive board was held. Good conversation and fellowship made for a late, but eminently enjoyable, evening.

And, my string of communications involving balloting on candidates remains intact! St. Paul No. 3 voted to accept two new candidates for degrees last night!

I would encourage all Masons to consider a visit to SP3 for a different lodge experience. Please call ahead so the lodge officers will know you are coming, and can plan for you at the festive board.

Thanks to Sr. Grand Stewart John Gann, Grand Chaplain Steve Johnson and District Representative Todd Henderson for joining me at the meeting last night.