Saturday, August 1, 2009

DeMolay Conclave

I attended the DeMolay conclave this morning at Nicollet Lodge and Gustavus Adolphus College, each in St. Peter. The morning started off with some impressive degree work and ended with six different breakout sessions covering Masonic heritage, DeMolay Jeopardy!, communications skills, etiquette, Robert's Rules of Order and event planning.

I had to admire the fun that the young men (and several Job's Daughters) were having as they were learning this morning. I admire more the men and women who continue to volunteer to keep this great Masonic tradition alive.

I've said that a person learns something new every time he sees the ritual. For me this morning, it was the reference to tolerance, of which I'll have more to say on Tuesday.

Congratulations to the five new DeMolay members who were initiated this morning! For more information on this terrific organization for young men, age 12-21, click here.