Saturday, August 15, 2009

Midwest Conference of Grand Lodges

Deputy Grand Master Cook, Senior Grand Warden Hendrickson and I are attending the Midwest Conference of Grand Lodges in Omaha. There are representatives from the Grand Lodges of Manitoba, Michigan, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Illinois, South Dakota, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska also present.

Grand Master Russ Reno and the Grand Lodge of Nebraska have put together a great program in a great venue. We have heard Big Ideas from our brother jurisdictions, including programs to prevent suspensions for nonpayment of dues, automated calling systems to keep in touch with our members, membership and increasing per capita dues.

We have also addressed Issues, such as Long-Range Planning, Appendant Bodies, Membershp and Leadership.

As always, a major benefit to attending these conferences is the conversations and tips you pick up from the others in attendance during breaks and meals.

We expect to bring home some new ideas for consideration by Minnesota Masons.