Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Blue Tri-Fold

A blue, tri-fold that can open a new experience for a seeker of truth and light. But, he needs a friend, afterwards to become a brother, who can put that blue tri-fold in his hand, answer questions about the journey and remind him that every man in that lodge room has traveled the same path as he.

I had the extreme good fortune to strike up a conversation with a young man at work who noticed my ring. Over the course of several weeks, we had several conversations about Masonry. I put a copy of Freemasons for Dummies in his hands on Saturday, and when I saw him again on Tuesday, he was on page 220 (but he skipped the pages that said “Don’t read this if you plan to become a Mason”).

This week, he attended a cookout at the home of PGM Steve Johnson, and left the blue tri-fold, completed, behind. I have the privilege of being his top line signer.

A blue, tri-fold. How many times have I missed the opportunity to strike up a conversation with a man who only needed a few questions answered to take that step and fill out the petition?

I’m going to pledge to take the time, notice the interest and see if I can put another blue tri-fold in the hands of another good man, seeking to become better.

Will you, too?