Friday, February 26, 2010

Visitors from Scottish Rite Supreme Council

The Minneapolis Valley of the Scottish Rite had two distinguished visitors from the Supreme Council of the Southern Jurisdiction on Thursday. Dean Alban and Stan Dodd brought greetings and ideas from the Supreme Council. They were also on hand to try to determine why the Minneapolis Valley is so relatively successful at obtaining new Scottish Rite Masons.

Part of the reason for the success is the vibrant Double Eagle program in Minneapolis. New members of the Double Eagles were installed prior to the degree work Thursday night.

Another part of the reason is the tireless promotion by Ed Perlman, 33rd Degree Honorary.

I wish I could have stayed for supper, the installation and more conversation with these most interesting brothers, but duty called me in a different direction ...

Shown in the photo are Sovereign Grand Inspector General for Minnesota, Jerry Oliver; Ed Perlman, Dean Alban, Stan Dodd and yours truly.