Monday, February 22, 2010

Truman's Stone - Part II

Last October, I blogged about delivering a foundation stone from the White House reconstruction during the Truman administration. The photo shows me delivering that stone to Mark Tabbert, George Washington National Masonic Memorial Curator.

Monday, George Washington's birthday, I found the stone in a display at the Memorial (third from the left on the bottom row). In the display case next to the Minnesota stone, was the Mark Book (ca. 1790) and Minute Book (ca. 1794) of Lodge of Journeyman Masons No. 8, Edinburgh Scotland, and Member Account Book of Federal Lodge No. 15 (ca. 1794). The books from Scotland just arrived last week. The historian at the Memorial will be comparing the marks on the Minnesota stone, as well as the others in the display, to see if they can put a name to the mark on the stone. That's a message I'm looking forward to receiving!

The display is a part of the Memorials 100th anniversary celebration.