Friday, February 26, 2010

George Washington's Gavel

I had the opportunity on two occasions to have my photograph taken with the gavel George Washington used to lay the cornerstone of the United States Capitol. The first was at the Centennial Celebration at the George Washington National Masonic Memorial (the photo of that is "in the mail") and the second was at the National Sojourners meeting Tuesday afternoon.

A brother from Potomac Lodge No. 5 (holder of the gavel) explained the history and usages of the gavel. Most interesting! Click here for more information on the travels and use of this most historic relic.

The handle is fragile, so we were not permitted to hold the instrument, but just standing next to an article handled and used by Washington was a humbling experience.

You may recall from an earlier blog that the gavel was not in its temporary exhibit at the U.S. Capitol Visitors' Center. I'm so appreciative to the Brothers of Potomac Lodge No. 5 and the National Sojourners to have been able to see up close this piece of our Nation's heritage!

I'm shown in the photo with Minnesota Mason Fred Vihovde, national President of National Sojourners.