Monday, January 11, 2010

Reflections of Being Master of the Lodge

25 years ago this month, I was installed Master of Sibley Lodge No. 209 in a public ceremony. I recall that my children didn’t have a real good idea what this Masonry thing was all about, but they found it highly amusing to see their Dad in a top hat!

My appointment to the progressive line that day was an insurance agent who had recently moved to town and affiliated with Sibley Lodge. I now refer to him as Most Worshipful Brother and Past Grand Master, Steven R. Johnson.

I have had the opportunity to install officers at several lodges over the past couple of years. It is so very meaningful to hear, again, the admonitions and responsibilities shared with the incoming Master of the lodge. I have commented on them before in this blog, but would again encourage you to take another look at them. They can be found in the Masonic Manual.

Becoming involved in Masonry on the Grand Lodge level has been an experience that I treasure. The opportunities I have had to serve the Craft have been most gratifying. The one part of the experience that is not entirely positive, however, is that it has taken me away from participating completely in the activities of my home lodge.

In just a few weeks, my obligations as Grand Master will come to an end. While I know I will miss many, many of the opportunities I have enjoyed in this office, I am looking forward to serving my local lodge and local community once again.