Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Brief Apology

Those of you who follow my blog routinely (and a few have told me that you do...), I apologize for being so slow in getting posts on in the past week. Work and Masonry caught up with me and I just didn't take the time.

Hereafter, you'll find a few blogs on the great One-Day to Masonry class last Saturday. I'll blog about my visits to Lake Harriet, Corinthian and Minneapolis 19 lodges this week in the next day or two.

Also, if you're reading this early on Friday morning, and you can get WCCO radio (Twin Cities AM830), you might turn it on and catch the broadcast from Dave Lee's Gutter Bowl. The Grand Lodge will have a team participating, and I hope there is an opportunity to say a few words about Freemasonry on the air. This is a fundraising event for the Amplatz Children's Hospital at the University of Minnesota. You may recall we dedicated the cornerstone for this building last October.