Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cornithian Lodge Entered Apprentice Table Lodge

On Tuesday, January 19, Brother Ken Reynolds, Entered Apprentice from Sibley Lodge, accompanied me to Farmington for an Entered Apprentice Table Lodge.

During the course of the dinner and toasts, fournew candidates were initiated into Masonry by receiving the First Degree. (The photo shows the Senior Steward explaining preliminary matters to the candidate, and asking a few pertinent questions!)

The food, fellowship and ritual were very good! It was the first table lodge for our new brother from Sibley Lodge, and he enjoyed it immensely. (And, we had an opportunity to work on a little proficiency on the way!) Past Grand Master Tom Jackson was also in attendance, as was Deputy Grand Master John Cook.

Brother John Freeburg, who was raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason the preceding Saturday at the One-Day class, was presented with a Masonic Bible.

Thank you, Worshipful Master Nick Johnson and all the brothers that made the degree, the meal and the toasts so memorable.