Thursday, January 21, 2010

One-Day Class - 3rd Degree

Peter Van Osdal and Bill Ross put together a stellar cast for the Master Mason Degree at the One-Day to Masonry January 16.

Special thanks to John Gann, who gave such an inspiring rendition of the third section of the lecture for this degree that I wanted to stand up and cheer! Thanks to all who made this degree, and the entire day, such a great experience.

I had the privilege of addressing our new brothers at the close of the day, and remained in the East to close the lodge in due form. It was a great thrill!

As I said to the new brothers, be bold in inviting yourselves to your lodge's communications and activities. And, to the leadership of the new brothers' lodges, be sure to invite our new brothers to your next communication and make them really feel a part of our great organization!