Sunday, January 24, 2010

Minneapolis Lodge No. 19 EA Degree

On Wednesday, January 20, I had the pleasure of observing eight candidates take their first steps in the Masonic Journey. The brothers of Minneapolis Lodge No. 19 welcomed three more to their ranks that evening in ritual work that was most impressive.

I've mentioned before that the refurbished lodge room at the Harrington Mansion is so very nice! (It was featured in an article in the Minneapolis StarTribune shortly after Dan Brown's new book was released.) If you should ever attend a function at the Zuhrah Shrine Center, ask around to see if there is a 19'er around (there usually is!), and see if you can take a look at the lodge room.

At least as impressive for me was the fellowship and excellent ritual work, including all three sections of the lecture following the degree, that was presented by the brothers. Keep up the good work! And, thank you to Worshipful Master Peter Hulbert and all the brothers for making me feel so very welcome.