Monday, April 13, 2009

Tolerance Awareness Tuesday

“Thus every sect believing itself possessed of all truth, and that every tenet differing from theirs was error, conceived that when the power was in their hands, persecution was a duty required of them by that God whom they supposed to be offended with heresy. By degrees more moderate and more modest sentiments have taken place in the Christian world; and among Protestants particularly all disclaim persecution, none vindicate it, and few practice it. We should then cease to reproach each other with what was done by our ancestors, but judge of the present character of sects or churches by their present conduct only." -- Letter to the London Packet, 3 June 1772 (Reported in God and Country Website.)

There are those who claim that our Country’s policy of separation of Church and State had its basis in the Masonic Lodge. Certainly, Founding Fathers such as Benjamin Franklin and George Washington are noted to have written about religious toleration.

Whatever the case may be in history, it is true that Masons have espoused religious toleration as a basic tenet. We as modern Masons should ever be vigilant to protect an individuals right to worship as he pleases – be it Christian, Jew, Muslim or other.

To be true to our roots, we must take a public stand whenever a person or sect suffers from discrimination.