Thursday, April 16, 2009

"He Must Act on What He Believes"

Harry S Truman, one of my favorite men, Masons and Presidents, has said,

“A good president must do more than just believe in what he says – he must also act on what he believes.”

This quote reminds me of another of his famous sayings, “The buck stops here.” Leaders of any organization must make decisions and act on the decision. He can and should receive advice and counsel from trusted advisors, but at the end, someone has to make the decision, and in the Grand Lodge, that falls on the Grand Master.

The Grand Master speaks for the Grand Lodge between annual communications on issues involving relationships with other Grand Lodges and makes the final call on issues of Masonic discipline. I have had, and will have, issues in each of these areas to deal with that I would rather not. But, "The buck (does, in fact) stop here", and I will seek counsel, including from the Grand Architect, and make the best decision I can with the information I have available.

(For more Truman quotes, see When the Buck Stops with You: Harry S. Truman on Leadership, by Alan Axelrod.)