Friday, April 10, 2009

Lodge Recognition Program

I had the pleasure of visiting Dakota Lodge No. 7 in Hastings last evening. After a great taco dinner, I was formally received in lodge as Grand Master for the first time. The officers of Dakota Lodge did a great job.

I was presented with a copy of the original Charter of the lodge, which is a great thrill for me. The photo shows Worshipful Master Greg Schmitt presenting me with the Charter.

Also present for the evening were two new Fellow Crafts - and I'm told more petitions are in the works. Congratulations. WM Greg has set a goal of becoming a Gold Level Lodge in the Lodge Recognition Program for 2009. What an audacious goal!

The Lodge Recognition Program is NOT a contest among the Lodges of Minnesota. It is a Lodge Improvement program which allows each lodge to measure itself against itself, and against what it COULD be. It is a great planning tool which, if used, can only lead to a better lodge.