Sunday, April 5, 2009

"I am Truly Blessed"

Edward Toussaint, Jr., Chief Judge of the Minnesota Court of Appeals, is a man I admire and respect. Once, when I greeted him with “How are you today, Judge Toussaint?” he replied, “I am truly blessed.”

I have been reflecting on the installation ceremony of March 28. I am truly blessed.

I am blessed because of the confidence my brothers have placed in me to speak as the official voice of Masonry for the coming year.

I am blessed to have had my wife with me during the entire wonderful day.

I am blessed that my daughters and their elder sons performed during the installation ceremony – “Be Thou My Vision “, a great hymn and prayer for the coming year.

So many other family members and friends were there to support me – wow!

I am truly blessed.

Masons should take time, regularly, to reflect on how our lives are blessed.