Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lynnhurst Turkey Dinner

For 75 years first Lynnhurst Lodge, and now Templar Lodge, have hosted a turkey dinner within weeks after the Grand Lodge Annual Communication to hear from the newly installed Grand Master. Last night, I was privileged to have been honored at this year's turkey dinner.

Over 400 Masons were in attendance. (Shown in the photo are brothers from my home lodge, Sibley Lodge No. 209). At the appointed hour, one Brother from each of the tables reported to the kitchen and returned with a turkey on a platter, which was then carved at the table and the other fixin's served family style. This is a premier event for Masons in Minnesota.

The brothers gave me a gift that is difficult to describe. Unless you have been in the position yourself, you cannot know what a thrill it is to stand between 400+ upright and patriotic brothers and the flag of the country they love as they pledge allegiance. It is a thrill that I will recall the rest of my life.

Thank you, Templar Lodge and Minnesota Masons!