Sunday, April 26, 2009

All-Masonic Brunch

On Sunday, April 26, I enjoyed food and fellowship with the Job's Daughters and DeMolay of Minnesota at the All-Masonic Brunch hosted by the Minnesota Job's Daughters. In addition to the Blue Lodge and the youth organizations, I was joined by Jim Turner, Grand High Priest of the Royal Arch Masons of the Minnesota York Rite.

We saw an impressive presentation by the Job's Daughters, and by the DeMolay. We had the opportunity to share our visions for the future of our fraternal family.

Among the items we discussed was the possibility of partnering with the youth organizations to make the Minnesota Masonic Safety and Identification project a success. The Grand Lodge Corporate Board will be discussing this project at our upcoming meeting, and I expect that there will be much more information coming in the next several weeks. The project will make our state safer for children, can revitalize our lodges, and will solidify the cooperation between all the bodies of our Masonic family. For information on the Masonic Safety Education and Identification programs in other jurisdictions, click here.