Sunday, December 6, 2009

Red Cross of Constantine

The St. George Conclave of the Red Cross of Constantine held its annual meeting at the Kitchi Gami Club in Duluth. Members from the St. Paul and Minneapolis caucuses rode a motor coach to the event.

After a great lunch, two Duluth police officers talked about gangs and drugs in Duluth. It was a very good session.

The members were informed that the national conference has decided that the Conclaves around the country should decrease its membership by about 20%. That means that the St. George Conclave will not be able to induct new members for several years. Very sad.

However, five candidates had been invited before that decision was made, and they were inducted into the order yesterday. Brian Beerman, Norman Voigt, William Larson, Foster Solem and Roger Schmid were received in a very impressive ceremony.

The evening was topped off by a wonderful banquet.

It is a bit strange to attend a Masonic event for Christian Masons. I did address the group about my beliefs of being a Christian and being tolerant. I'll publish that essay on Tolerance Tuesday, December 8.