Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Challenge Accepted! Go Gophers!

I received this message from MWB Craig Hummel, Grand Master from Iowa:

Greetings Most Worshipful Tom,

It has been suggested to me (by a PGM -- go figure) that a friendly non-monetary wager might be fun for the above game and I wanted to solicit your thoughts. Any number of things could be done, but something kind of fun might be for the GM of the losing university to dress up in garb of the winning team and submit for photographs that would inevitably find their way onto each of our web sites and into our respective magazines.

What do you think? I realize it is short notice, what with the game being played tomorrow night, but what the heck, I'm game if you are.

I look forward to your response.



I replied, accepting the challenge:

I think you would look LOVELY in Maroon and Gold! Let’s go for it!

Winner to supply loser with appropriate shirt/hat/whatever for the photo. Or would you just like to wear it when you come to visit our annual communication in March?

(I must tell you that my grandson in Cedar Rapids is a Cyclones fan. He’s also a Bears fan. He couldn’t get that lucky twice in a week, could he???)

Happy New Year.


So, all you Minnesota Masons, cheer on our Golden Gophers so I don't have to don the chartreuse and pink of the Iowa State Cyclones (or whatever colors they wear!).