Saturday, December 12, 2009

Metro East Third Degree

Today, 12 brothers were raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason at the St. Paul Masonic Center. It was a great day! The work was excellent, most especially the three lectures.

In my remarks, I reminded our new brothers that the end of the initiation is the start of their Masonic quest. I encouraged them to attend the next stated communication at their lodge, so all their brothers could welcome and congratulate them. They should receive an invitation from one or more brothers at their lodge, but sometimes that doesn't happen. Don't wait - show up!

Participate in the next lodge event. Continue with Masonic education.

New (and experienced) brothers will reap from Masonry (as in all worthwhile endeavors in this life) what they sow. No matter how much a brother gives to Masonry, he cannot help but receive much, much more.

Congratulations, my brothers! I'll see you in Lodge!