Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tolerance Awareness Tuesday

Tolerance: The crown jewel of Freemasonry - Glenn Kiecker (Minnesota Mason)

The core values of Freemasonry in Minnesota have been identified as Freedom, Integrity and Tolerance.

I have been particularly impressed with the Masonic value of Tolerance. While Masonry requires that all brothers have a belief in a Supreme Being, we do not require that he profess a belief in a particular god. Masons refer to their Supreme Being as God, Allah, Yahweh, Jesus and the Great Spirit.

Throughout the course of the year, I will try to write most Tuesdays on the subject of tolerance. Learned people, and learned brothers, have much to say on the subject.

I invite you to take a few moments each Tuesday to consider how tolerance – and the lack thereof – affects your life and the society we live in.

Together, we can make this world a more tolerant and respectful place to live.