Friday, March 6, 2009

Shabbat Shalom!

“Shabbat” is the Hebrew word for Sabbath. Shalom is a greeting like “aloha”, meaning both hello and goodbye. Shalom literally means peace. Hence, “Shabbat Shalom” is wishing you a peaceful Sabbath.

Worshipful Master Jay Weinblatt, Bloomington Lodge No. 340, and his wife, Beth, invited me and other Masons to attend services at Bet Shalom congregation in Minnetonka this evening. W.B. Jay and his family were among the first 25 founding families of Bet Shalom, which has a lovely house of worship.

The other Gentile brothers and I were made to feel most welcome, and members of the congregation helped us through the worship service, which was full of song and prayer.

Personally, I felt at home. The prayers for peace, health and comfort for those in sorrow were most familiar, as was the final blessing. Thank you, WB Jay and Beth, for extending the invitation!

The bulletin contained a sheet entitled “mishebayrach in these tough times”, by Rabbi Mark Dov Shapiro. I did not ask permission to reproduce it here, but trust that it would be happily given.

A blessing/hope for all of us …

May God who has blessed our ancestors and brought them through times of uncertainty, support and help us in these days of economic uncertainty and concern.

May anxiety not overwhelm us.

May there be calm in our hearts.

May we be blessed with a sense of trust and conficence in tomorrow.

Let there be goodness and satisfaction in our lives.

May we find purpose and meaning through community, friends and family.