Friday, March 20, 2009

Grand Master's Job Expectations

Tradition prevailing, in just eight days I will be installed as Grand Master of Minnesota Masons. In addition to the job description of the Grand Master, which I wrote about yesterday, I have wondered what the year will bring. Here are my thoughts. It will be fun to look back on this entry next March, and see how close to right I was!

I expect in the coming year, I will put on over 15,000 miles on my car on lodge business. I will eat somewhere near 40 chicken dinners and have close to 60 servings of green beans. I will make a minimum of eight trips outside of the State of Minnesota representing our Brothers, or bringing greetings to them. I will shake hands over 1000 times. I will write 60 speeches, six columns for the Minnesota Mason and hundreds of blog entries. I will make or receive dozens of telephone calls each week.

I will wake up each day, grateful for the opportunity to serve the Fraternity we all love so dearly. I will pray regularly that the decisions I make will be fair, just and will promote the principles of Freemasonry.

I will thank my wife and family for giving up much so that I may have this opportunity.

I will thank each one of you, and promise to do my best to leave Freemasonry in Minnesota better than I found it.