Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Last Post

This blog's title has two meanings: one, it is the last time I will post to MNGrandMaster09; the Last Post is also the British bugle call that is a precursor to our American taps...

It was a great year. Thank you to all the Brothers who showed such respect and affection to the Grand Master. I greeted so many old friends, and made so many new ones... I have truly a lifetime of memories.

I have put over 22,000 miles on my car, attending over 170 Masonic events during the year. I was at 14 table lodges, and 8 conferrals of degrees, including giving the Middle Chamber lecture four times and taking the part of King Solomon twice. Patty and I made two trips by air to each of Washington DC and Texas and one to Phoenix.

I have had a lot of fun posting my travels and thoughts on this blog. Thank you for reading, and for mentioning to me that you have seen an event mentioned here.

I must confess to succumbing to a bit of curiosity when I Googled my own blog. I was surprised to see a reference to it show up on a neo-Nazi website:

Let's see what kind of a can of worms we can stir up with a look behind the Lodge door.

It seems as if the Most Highly Anointed Grand Poobah in The Soviet Socialist State of Minnesota is a big fan of "Tolerance" and is a worshiper of all things Jewish.

If my blog can generate a disparaging remark from this ilk, I must have done something right!

Thank you, all, once again. It has truly been a pleasure to serve our Craft for a year.

See you in Lodge!