Friday, April 2, 2010

Grand Lodge Hiram Award

The Grand Lodge of Minnesota HIRAM AWARD is a singular, once-in-a-lifetime recognition presented to a brother as an earned tribute for outstanding service to Freemasonry. The Master of every constituent Lodge in Minnesota is entitled to recognize one brother with this special distinction during his term of office. The local lodge should determine the criteria and method of selection.

The Grand Master has, on occasion, awarded a Hiram from the Grand Lodge. I intend to make such an award tonight.

The Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Minnesota bestows the GRAND LODGE HIRAM AWARD upon a Mason who has served the Grand Lodge with distinction over a period of time.

In 1996, MWB Eric Neetenbeek asked a brother to give a hand on a project until a permanent replacement could be found. For over 13 years George Miller has practically single-handedly run the KidsID program for the Grand Lodge of Minnesota. I’m guessing there are dozens of brothers in the room tonight who have worked with George to put on KidsID events.

And, of course, that is far from the only Masonic duty he has performed…

George Miller, Jr. is a dual member Compass Lodge No. 265 and Minnesota River Valley Lodge No. 6. He was raised a Master Mason on March 6, 1967, at Compass Lodge No. 265.
George was honored as the 2002-2003 Grand Lodge of Minnesota Mason of the Year. He has served as Grand Chaplain and Grand Orator.
George is a Past Grand Patron Minnesota Grand Chapter OES and Past Associate Grand Guardian, Job’s Daughters. He is a Past Master both Compass and Minnesota River Valley Lodge No. 6, and has been a Life member since 2000.
In 2007, George was honored at Compass Lodge Hiram Award.

Yet George doesn’t do these things to win awards or recognition. He does them because he’s George – a Mason’s Mason and a Hiram if any Mason is.

Worshipful Brother George Miller, on behalf of the members of the Grand Lodge of Minnesota, it is with great personal pride that I present you with the Grand Lodge’s HIRAM AWARD for 2009-2010.

Thank you, George for all your years of service. I’ll leave you with an Irish blessing:

May God grant you many years to live,
for sure He must be knowing
the earth has angels all too few, and heaven is overflowing.