Friday, April 2, 2010

District Representative of the Year Award

The vast majority of District Representatives are entitled to recognition for their dedication to making our Gentle Craft the best it can be. So, I am being quite presumptuous in picking out one to recognize.

My choice this year was pretty obvious to me. Robert Holley was raised a Master Mason on April 1, 1990 Griswold Lodge No. 218. He is a dual member with Golden Fleece Lodge No. 89 in Litchfield. Bob was appointed District Representative March 2009 and will serve the Craft in the coming year as Area Deputy Assistant in the Northwest area

I would like to quote the Master of Golden Fleece Lodge when he talked about Bob’s contributions to Masonry this year:

Bob has made Golden Fleece Lodge a better lodge, indeed. And for those of us who have allowed Bob to touch our hearts, he has made us better Masons and better men.

But Bob doesn’t save his passion for just this lodge. He is a true ambassador of Masonry to the world. Who better than he to spread the word and light of Masonry? He has the gift of gab, a wonderful knowledge of Masonry and he is hard not to like.

Bob, as I present you with this small token of our appreciation for your endeavors on behalf of our Beloved Craft, I end with your Master’s final words:

Bob, thank you for all you have done, all you do and thank you in advance for what I know you will continue to do.

And with this Irish Blessing:

May good luck be your friend
in whatever you do
and may trouble be always a stranger to you.