Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nicollet/Sibley Lodge meeting


Last evening, I attended lodge in St. Peter where the brothers of Sibley Lodge also attended, along with the charter (dispensation for moving the charter having previously been obtained). After a great meal, the ladies participated in an interesting program and the brothers adjourned to the lodge room.

Lodge was openend in form, and the other Grand Officers present and I were received. After a brief meeting, we closed in form and had dessert!

Worshipful Master Bob Hamilton was hospitalized in Rochester. Your prayers are solicted for his recovery.

One photo shows the two Masters for the evening, Sibley Lodge's Kevn Pioske and Nicollet's Cliff Isely, plus W.M. Mark Robbins, visiting from Mankato Lodge No. 12.
Acting Master (and District Representative) Cliff Isely added a bit of interesting history to the evening when he told me the top hat he wore was that of St. Peter Mason and Minnesota Governor John Johnson. See the biography at the Minnesota History Center website for this most interesting man and Mason. He was the first native-born Minnesotan to serve as Governor, and the first to die in office!