Friday, November 6, 2009

Bloomington Lodge No. 340 Merges with Minnehaha Lodge No. 165

On Tuesday, November 4, I attended the final stated communication of Bloomington Lodge No. 340, held at Minnehaha Lodge. The brothers of Bloomington have voted to merge with Minnehaha, and this was the final meeting, after which the charter was delivered to me for safekeeping at the Grand Lodge of Minnesota.

The photograph shows me holding the charter in a container given to Bloomington Lodge when Minnesota Lodge No. 224 merged with them. Bloomington Master Jay Weinblatt is handing the top hat given to Bloomington Lodge by the last Master of Minnesota Lodge to Minnehaha Master Matt Lundgren. Also assisting is District Representative Don Nolley.

It is a melancholy event when we lose a lodge, but the brothers of Bloomington and of Minnehaha have a great opportunity to become a premier lodge in West Metro. Good luck, brothers!