Thursday, July 16, 2009

Waterbugs and Dragonflies

Today is a sad day. 12 years ago this day, my first grandson, Adam Charles Kelsey, as born. Just a few hours later, he died. We were able to hold him for a short time, so that is some comfort, but it is so very hard.

It is also a sad day because in a few hours, I will be leaving for Duluth and the Masonic Memorial Service for Worshipful Brother Anthony Keane. Those of you who knew Tony know that he was about the kindest man and Mason one could imagine. A most talented man, former Grand Lodge Education Officer and current Custodian of the Work in Northeast Minnesota. He was very active in the Scottish Rite, and especially so in the York Rite. He will be sorely missed.

The title of this entry is the title to a book that attempts to explain death to young children. The water bug turns into a dragonfly, but can't go back to explain he's OK to the other waterbugs. So it is when a loved one dies.

Masons consider death and life in the Celestial Lodge above. The assurance that we will meet again is some comfort, but cannot heal the empty place we have when a loved one dies.