Monday, July 20, 2009

One Small Step

Forty years ago this evening, I was in my girlfriend’s living room, watching the black and white television with her family as Neil Armstrong took the small step for man. (Tonight, after a lodge visit, I'll be back in the living room of that same girlfriend...)

The photo shows the footprint of the first Freemason on the moon, Brother Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin.

Brother Aldrin was one of ten United States astronauts who are Freemasons.

In many ways, the manned space exploration program is similar to Masonry: We look back with pride on the enormous accomplishments, but when pressed as to where we go from here, we're a bit stumped. Brother Aldrin has said, “The achievements of Apollo were so bold and our subsequent efforts so timid that the energy of those years seems like a youthful dream.”
Perhaps we need a visionary leader who will set for us an audacious goal, to be reached within the decade. A goal that at once challenges and inspires us.
I wish I were that visionary leader...