Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tolerance Awareness Tuesday - A Precious Jewel

"America has give to the world a precious jewel. It has shown that a government whose concerns are purely secular and which leaves to the individual conscience of its citizenry all obligations that relate to God is the one which is actually the most friendly to religion. It is a precious jewel that we have. We should guard it well." Leo Pfeffer, in Earl Raab, Ed., Religious Conflict (1964).

The values of Minnesota Masonry include Freedom, Integrity and Tolerance. Each of these is represented in the quote above: The right to worship free from interference by the government is a central right granted by the First Amendment; Men of integrity can respect another man's beliefs without feeling that his own are threatened; Tolerance of other's belief is a vital part of Freemasonry in all its aspects.

We do well to protect that Precious Jewel, for our country and for our fraternity.