Monday, June 8, 2009

Unexpected Beauty

The Washington Post conducted an experiment when they had a world-class violinist perform in a Washington D.C. Metro station at rush hour, and nobody listened. This, just 48 hours after he had sold out a Boston theater at about $100 per ticket. (For a more complete story about this experiment, see Joshua Bell.)

How often do we fail to see the beauty we encounter every day? I recall going to a Scout Camp with my son many years ago. One of the other adult leaders and I went to the swimming beach for an early morning swim. We saw and heard two loons calling across the lake. It was a magical moment and one we commented on to each other, almost gushing.

A young Scout leader was nearby and overheard us. He commented that the loons were there every day, but until he overheard us, he had not really heard them.

It's like that song from The Music Man: There were bells on the hill, but I never heard them ringing till there was you.

Thoughtful men and Masons ought to try to take time to see and appreciate the beaut around them. most often, we will see the Handiwork of the Great Architect of the Universe at work. ...