Friday, June 5, 2009

Traveling Friendship Gavel

There are nine brothers representing the Grand Lodge of Minnesota at the 134th Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Manitoba.

One of the very nice traditions between our two Grand Lodges is the exchange of the Friendship Gavel. Thirty years ago, the gave was first presented to MWB Don Severson at the March annual communication of the Grand Lodge of Minnesota. In June that year, MWB Ray Pavola and PGM Severson returned the gavel to Grand Lodge of Manitoba. Since then, the gavel has crossed the U.S. / Canada border twice a year (weather permitting!).

The photos show the Minnesota delegation delivering, and Grand Master Ted Jones and Deputy Grand Master David Love receiving, the Friendship Gavel.

The gavel is made of Canadian maple by an American craftsman, and the box from American oak, crafted by a Canadian artisan. It is a fitting symbol of the long association of brotherly love and affection that has marked our two Grand Lodge jurisdictions.